Making an impact on the world through fashion!

#AlphaBebe Mission:

We are #AlphaBebe. A woman-supported, cause-focused business with a mission to impact the world like only an #AlphaBebe can.

Founded in 2018, AlphaBebe strives to inspire change through fashion-forward products that promote courage and generosity. Here at AlphaBebe, we believe that fashion has the power to influence change. Based on the idea that “I, too, can make a difference,” AlphaBebe products aid nonprofits by giving back.

Our goal is to give back $50,000 in 2018, to causes big and small, fighting for a better world. Together, we can make a difference.

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About #AlphaBebe:

An AlphaBebe is someone who embraces her independence while fighting for what she believes. One part fashionista, one part social justice warrior, AlphaBebe women are fierce, unstoppable femmes.

#AlphaBebe come in many forms, from all walks of life. From competitive athletes to boss ladies, super moms to students. These are women who stand up for themselves, who fight against inequality, and who never, ever give up.

These are the women that define #AlphaBebe. They change the world for themselves, and others around them. They stand by their core beliefs and values and are unafraid to lead, inspire, and motivate.

AlphaBebe Products:

All of our products represent our commitment to inspiring change and are a reflection of our belief in doing what’s right. Everything is made to order and meant to spark a conversation! Let our unique products help you change the world with style.

AlphaBebe Gives Back:

In addition to providing thousands of free media impressions to highlight chosen nonprofits, AlphaBebe offers two options for giving back.

Charity-themed Campaigns: $5 per cause-themed purchase will be donated to the campaign’s host charity.

Standard Collection5% of the proceeds from all standard, non-campaign products will be donated to select non-profits at the end of each campaign.

Here at AlphaBebe, we believe in taking a stand. Together, we can raise funding, awareness, and followers for a variety of causes around the world. Join the #AlphaBebe movement and make an impact today.

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